Monday, 17 December 2007

My panel truck

As for my panel truck, Curly, I ended up having to move it into storage out in Fairview, Id until my garage is at least closer to finished. There were some extenuating circumstances that forced that move and even though I am not happy about it, it had to be done. So, look for an update when the truck makes it exodus from storage in the next month or so! (I am paid up until the third of January so hopefully before that!)


House Updates 4

In the midst of all of the construction on the outside of the house, we had an opportunity to re-do the tile in the kitchen, since I did such a crappy job originally! Here are some photos of the kitchen floor. The guy that did it, Jason Kerr from, also did my fireplace but I didn't snag a photo of that yet! The tiles are 18" travertine stone on 45 degree angles. They look AWESOME and we are soooo happy with the final outcome of the project!

House Updates 3

Here is another pic of the gravel as the truck was getting set to dump the mud!

Here is the floor, 4" thick, under heat blankets for curing!

After a good power wash and before sealing

A hot tub pad on the west side of the garage! Ummm... hot tub!

And some walls going up! The building is further along that this right now with trusses up and the roof totally sheeted and tar paper down. The roofing should be going down hopefully tomorrow!

House Updates 2

Here is the new front porch as the guy was rolling up his heat blankets and finishing up the job.

And after he was long gone! We are soooo happy with it!

The next project... actually going on at the same time as the porch, was a garage. This first picture is of the old shed that was on the property right were the garage is going. So this pic is a before pic!

Here is after the foundation walls were finished, the backfill done, and the gravel out.

House Updates 1

We have had a large amount of work going on at our place this fall/early winter. Here are some photos of what we are doing!

First off, we had the nasty old front porch ripped off, thanks to my cousin Jeff Larsen and a large Cat tractor!

Next we had some footing and foundations pored

Here are the walls being built