Tuesday, 4 September 2007

A few more new pics

Here are a couple more shots of the truck as it stand right now with the sun shining on it!

This is the truck again from outside of the garage door but this time in the bright evening sun!

And again.

The interior with nice lighting

Interior again.

This is the custom gas filler. Flush mount motorcycle gas tank filler. looks killer and works oh so well!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

The pics as promises

Here are the pics as promised. I didn't get photos with the work I have done since this, only a couple days worth though.

This picture is of the truck as much of it as I could get with the garage door closed, it was night and the light sucks with the door open.

Here I opened the door and turned on the newly installed head lights, mainly for kicks since that was the big accomplishment for the night

Same shot later in the night, these are not necessarily in chronological order!

These are the Dolphin brand 5" gauges that I bought for the truck. It is a brand made by EZ Wiring and held up to their parent company's name as far as installation was concerned. They are quite nice looking and now coming in a "Dolphin Free" version without the logo on them... I do wish they had that version when I bought these!

And a final shot of the truck very much later at night, right before I left around 10:30pm, with the lights on and the grill and grill shell loosely installed.

As of these photos, the front end is fully bolted in and tightened down, the passenger seat is installed, it seems I cannibalized the bolts for the driver side for use on other portions of the truck so it won't be in for a little bit! I also will be ordering some 39 Ford passenger car tail lights, two sets with one for the rear and one set for the front, from Southern Rods and Customs. I have never purchased from there but they seems to be a reputable company! I hope to have these and get them installed before this coming weekend, since the show I am hoping to make takes place then! I big task between now and this weekend is to get the bumpers assembled and on, the driver's side door latch installed, the driver's side seat installed, the front and rear sets of '39 Ford lights installed and working and then I should be good to go! Just for kicks, I would like to get the original taillight/license plate holder installed and bold on my custom license plate frame that says "Built with Tools... NOT with chopsticks!" I had it made almost five years ago and would like to actually bolt the thing on for the first time!

I should also post about my bike, it is under construction.... a bit extreme of a term I guess. The service man called and said I broke the "jack" shaft. I will need a little instruction I guess because I don't know what that is. He said that the part was a little hard to get but that another week should be all is needed, that was last tuesday the 28th of August and I hope to have it back the day after Labor Day. The service will include a new rear tire and a general tune up including air filter service, valve service, and carb service. I am very anxious to get it back and get riding again!

Other than a note about my wife and her wondrous post, should make sure to read it just below this one, which is great and should clue you into my life a little!!! :) (I love you honey!)


Don't you put that evil on me!

So, Jake needs to know, he's in big trouble for not mentioning me, his most beautiful and amazing wife, on this blog. Who knows what this kid is thinking?
So, YES, Jake is married and in love and we are living happily ever after. And I am attaching a picture of me pooping in Europe. And FYI, Jake won't tell you this, but he has soft hands.